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It's time to take the plunge and create your own blog! I personally prefer using, mainly because it is the platform I am most familiar with! is one of the original blog communities. It is also extremely easy to use. You can begin blogging in just three easy steps!

1. Create an account. Easy. Just follow the directions.

2. Name your blog. Here is your first creative challenge! Begin by brainstorming. What is the theme of your blog? What are your interests? What are your areas of expertise? What adjectives describe you or what you want to accomplish? You can use a thesaurus to expand your ideas.

There is no limit to what you can name your blog. Some blogs have names that relate to their content. Other blogs have nonsensical names that are fun and catchy. Not feeling creative right now? You can always name your blog after yourself! Don't worry about getting the name “wrong.” This is your blog! You can change it as much as you like as you change yourself.

Whatever you decide, remember that a blog name should be short, memorable, easy to spell, and not contain any hyphens.

3. Choose a template. Begin by accepting one of the layouts offered by Blogger. Choose a template that reflects your theme and personality. Don't worry if you can't find a template that is exactly what you're looking for. There are hundreds of free blog templates on the web that you can choose from later.

Keep your audience in mind while you are deciding on a template. Make sure that the background and colors do not make your blog difficult to read. Your blog layout is fun, but your content is the most important!

Ready to create your own blog? Click here to begin!

Now you are ready to blog! Update your profile to tell your readers a little more about yourself. Click on "New Post," and introduce yourself and your new project! Send an e-mail to your family and friends to invite them to your blog.

If you would like your blog to be featured on our Chronic Fatigue Community website, please contact me:

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