How to Help Tips

You can help create awareness for chronic fatigue syndrome by trying some of these help tips.


  • Blog about ME/CFS. Share your personal experience to help educate others, share some facts and figures, list some of your symptoms. Post links that give more information and explain why you’re blogging about it. If you’re not up to writing much, link to others who are blogging about it. Tag your posts mecfs09 or meaware.
  • Use status updates on social networks (like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace) to spread awareness. Share your personal experience, explain symptoms, give facts/figures, and share links to further information. Tag your tweets #mecfs09 or #meaware.
  • Add a line to your email signature telling people about the day.
  • Display a badge on your web site showing your support and raising awareness.
  • Post a comment or topic on a non-CFS/ME blog, website or forum about the illness and spread the word. Relate your experience as living with ME/CFS to non-health focused topics.
  • Add relevant ME/CFS and Fibromylagia focused blogs to your blogroll.
  • Use bookmark sharing sites like delicous, FriendFeed, Google Reader and Furl to share relevant ME/CFS articles, blogs and web sites.
  • Share a YouTube, Seesmic or Vimeo video from a sufferer or activist, or make one of your own.
  • Take and share a photograph that represents something about ME/CFS. Perhaps of yourself, your medications or supplements, what you can see from your bed or something that represents a particular symptom. Tag Flickr photos mecfs09 or meaware.
  • Design a web badge or banner that others can use to show their support or to raise awareness.

Take Action Offline:

  • Write to your MP, congressional representative or government representative in your area.
  • Speak up! Tell those around you what it’s all about. It’s easy for us to hide how this illness affects both sufferer and those around them - now could be the time to educate people.
  • Make a donation to a ME/CFS group.
  • Have a mini-fundraiser for ME/CFS research or support. Hold a small coffee morning for friends or have a yard sale. Sell some 2nd hand books on Amazon or old DVD’s on eBay. Start collecting loose change in a jar to donate this time next year.
  • Support an organized event. Many support and action groups are running events and you can find details on their web sites.
  • Wear a ME/CFS t-shirt or blue ribbon.

Be An Active Activist:

  • Alert the media. Write to your local paper. Contact your local TV or radio station about the awareness day. If you’re able, offer to speak to them about your experiences.
  • Offer to speak at a local group or club about living with the condition or caring for a sufferer.
  • Send a poster or some leaflets to your doctor's office. Action groups can often supply posters and leaflets.
  • Set up a display. Ask your local library, shopping center or church if you can put up a display to educate people about CFS/ME.

Friends and Family:

  • Ask a friend or relative to do a sponsored event this year to raise funds for research or support.
  • Reach out to a sufferer. ME/CFS can be a terribly isolating illness. If you know a sufferer drop them a line to say you’re thinking of them or offer to do something practical for them.
  • Encourage friends to blog about ME/CFS - if their blogs are usually about topics other than health this can be very effective as they can reach a different audience to raise awareness.
  • Invite your friends to join you in whatever way you choose to support the day.

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