Everyone needs some words of inspiration and encouragement now and then. Visit these pages when you need to be reminded that you are strong, you are brave, and you can make a difference in the world.

Courage. Facing a chronic illness like chronic fatigue syndrome can be daunting. It takes courage to let go of your old life and create something entirely new.

Hope. Acceptance whilst maintaining hope is what gives your aspirations wings. Never give up; never give in.

Success. CFS changes the way you define success. Discover the true meaning of success -- and then attain it.

Gratitude. Embrace gratitude and your joys will be brighter and your burdens a little easier to carry.

Kindness. Showing a little kindness every day will help you move outside of yourself and make everyone a little happier.

Service. Giving service to others is the best tried and true pick me up around.

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