75 Easy Acts of Kindness and Service

Giving service to others is the best tried and true pick me up around. Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the many things you can no longer do. Here are 75 easy acts of kindness and service that you will be able to do! Once you get in the habit, you'll probably find many more ideas of your own.

1. Say a sincere, kind word to everyone you come across.

2. Make something or send a letter to brighten someone’s day.

3. Write to your husband/father a letter describing the 10 things you respect and love most about him.

4. Look up Samaritan’s Purse and make a donation.

5. Sort through your coats, hats, etc. and give them to an organization that distributes them to the needy.

6. Surprise your husband with breakfast in bed.

7. Be a light by making something for your neighbors.

8. Make something to bless your mail carrier.

9. Give some money or send a word of encouragement to a missionary.

10. Collect books and games for a children's program, homeless shelter or a crisis center.

11. Donate books for your local library's book sale, a homeless shelter, or a children's center.

12. Donate art supplies to a preschool.

13. Make tray favors for a rest home or hospital.

14. Provide table decorations for an assisted living program or senior center.

15. Donate used magazines to a hospital or clinic. Remove subscriber information first.

16. Give bookmarks to a nursing home or a library.

17. Collect dog and cat food for your local animal facility.

18. Help set up a nature center.

19. Give blood.

20. Bake cookies for a blood drive.

21. Make a gift box for a needy family.

22. Paint trash cans for public use.

23. Make copies of emergency telephone numbers and distribute them.24. Take part in a drug trial.

25. Visit a nursing home.

26. Raise money for a layette for a needy family with a new baby.

27. Present a story hour in a facility that serves children.

28. Prepare booklets of quiet games for children.

30. Make a welcome box for a new family in your neighborhood.

31. Make and distribute safety or ecology posters.

32. Record stories and songs for children.

33. Feed the birds.

34. Allow a parent with children or a disabled person to go ahead of you in line.

35. Collect clothing for a clothing drive.

36. Help disadvantaged teens find clothing for proms and special occasions.

37. Send cards to a nursing home.

38. Take a senior citizen to lunch or dinner.

39. Tutor a child.

40. Tutor an adult through an adult literacy program.

41. Help someone study for an exam.

42. Read a book to a child or to a senior citizen.

43. Donate a large print magazine subscription.

44. Donate large print books.

45. Write letters to someone in the service.

46. Donate luggage to a shelter.

47. Donate luggage or a backpack to a child protective service.

48. Write letters for a disabled person.

49. If you speak another language, translate for someone.

50. Donate jigsaw puzzles and board games to a senior or teen center.

51. Adopt a patient at a rest home.

52. Provide food baskets for holidays.

53. Provide holiday gifts for a disadvantaged family.

54. Prove gift baskets for residents of rest homes (baby powder, hand cream, etc.).

55. Contact rest homes and living facilities to volunteer your service.

56. Shop for a housebound person to give service.

58. Pick up something that someone has dropped.

59. Participate in a recycling project.

60. Help a community organization serve holiday meals.

61. Subscribe to a children's magazine to a classroom.

62. Volunteer in an elementary school.

63. Be a guest speaker in a middle or high school.

64. Provide coats and blankets for homeless people.

65. Provide warm clothes and good shoes for children who need them.

66. Listen to an expert on some type of social program.

67. Thank a law enforcement professional or firefighter.

68. Donate canned and package foods to a food program.

69. Donate new packaged toys to children in the hospital.

70. Assist parents of a sick or handicapped child(ren).

71. Teach a child a skill such as sewing, cooking, or carpentry.

72. Visit someone in prison.

73. Give service by helping someone learn English.

74. Donate clothing for rape victims to wear home from the hospital.

75. Sponsor a child in a third world country.

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